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Pomodoro Timer - 25/5 with Rain Sounds - 25 min study/5 min break - 1 round (30 min total)


In this video, use the Pomodoro technique to boost concentration and improve the quality of your studying!

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One round of Pomodoro studying!

25 minutes of study/work time, 5 minutes of break/rest time.

Soft chirps from birds 🐦will start 10 seconds before the break begins. A gentle chime will signal the start of the break and end of the break. ☺

Using this study timer, also referred to as Pomodoro technique, you can optimize your studying or productivity throughout the day. Not enough people plan their breaks wisely. 🧠 Instructions: At the start of the 25-minute segment, begin studying or working on a task.

You may refer back to the timer at times to see how much longer you have to work. Once the 5-minute break segment begins, put down your working task, get up if you were sitting down, take a break and a few deep breaths.

Times 00:00 Intro 00:10 Pomodoro 25/5 Study Start 25:10 Pomodoro 25/5 Break Start

Use this video to help you work efficiently and take breaks. 🌸

Edit the video speed to suit your needs. 🐱‍🐉

Mute the audio if you prefer only visual aids. 👀

Use the break segments to get up, stretch, look at something else besides what you're working on. 😎

Pomodoro technique can be useful for people who ADHD, anxiety, depression, or those who have trouble with concentration or trouble focusing!

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