Setting Boundaries and Embracing "No": A guided meditation

Guided meditation

In this video, learn more about what it means to set healthy boundaries and how to do so!

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Looking for a guided meditation on how to set boundaries and get comfortable saying "no"?

Check out this video! In this guided mindfulness meditation, listen to soothing sounds as you learn about what it can positively mean to set boundaries and end the cycle of people pleasing.

Many of us struggle with people pleasing and want to learn how to end people pleasing behaviors. When we're scared of how someone else might react, it can be difficult to stop being a people pleaser.

Learning how to set boundaries with friends or how to set boundaries in relationships can greatly improve our quality of life and sense of happiness. By learning how to say "no" without feeling guilty, we learn to trust ourselves and those around us. Join us on this meditation journey today.

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